United Nations in the Caribbean

Working for you

United Nations has several offices spread across the English and Dutch speaking Caribbean that work individually and as teams to deliver for a better quality of life for the people of this region.

How we operate

Country offices

They assist governments with rolling out national development programmes, invest in programmes that focus on the individual needs of a specific country .

Specialised UN offices/ programmes

In addition to those offices that assist with the development of the Caribbean, there are also offices and programmes with very specific work:

  • Humanitarian Assistance 
  • Peacekeeping and Electoral assistance

Regional offices

Regional and sub-regional offices, are usually located in one country but provide services to multiple states in the Caribbean Area. They focus on common needs and issues that two or more Member States have.

Resident Coordinators

Are highly skilled individuals who utilise their leadership and management expertise to encourage collaborations among Country Team members. The Resident Coordinator is also the official spokesperson for the Secretary-General. 

Where we work: 6 country teams


24 agencies, programmes and funds. Also covering the Eastern Caribbean.

Email: rco.bb@one.un.org
Phone: +1 246 467 6002

  • Address
    United Nations House, Marine Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados


17 agencies, programmes and funds.

Contact :
Email: rco.belize@one.un.org
Phone: +501 822-22171

  • Address
    S Ring Rd, Belmopan, Belize


16 agencies, programmes and funds.

Email: unguyana@one.un.org
Phone: +1 246 467 6002

  • Address
    107-108 Duke St, Stabroek, Georgetown. Guyana


17 agencies, programmes and funds.

Contact :
Email: jamaica.rco@one.un.org
Phone: +1876 978-2390

  • Address
    1-3 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston Jamaica