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Out of the ashes


At the end of World War II the international community agreed to create a global organisation to work toward a better future, to work towards common goals and to resolve differences peacefully.

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Human Rights for everyone

Fundamental entitlements for everyone

One of the most important roles of the UN is to promote and protect the fundamental human rights of every person every where. UN works with governments, civil society and others to end all forms of discrimination and abuses and to promote equality.

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“A brilliant improvisation”

A global need for peacekeeping

Soon after the creation of the UN. The organisation was faced with it’s first conflict issue in the Middle East. Peacekeeping was the first innovation it came up with. That continues to be one of the most important roles of the UN today.

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Action for a better planet

Global climate action

Human activity on the planet, particularly carbon emissions and over exploitation of natural resources has caused extraordinary changes to weather, the planet’s flora and fauna. The UN is championing the way for global climate action for a sustainable future.

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Key resources:

  • UN Charter
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
  • UN Kyoto Protocol
  • COP Protocol

  • UN Member States
  • UN General Assembly
  • UN Security Council
  • UN Social and Economic Council

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